Prior to the law changes in 1992, any attorney was qualified to handle your drunk driving case. Not anymore. The Legislature keeps increasing the complexity in this area to the point where specialization is a must.  In January 2007 they made your 3rd drunk driving a felony even if they occured 100 years apart!  Now, your car will be forfeited unless you pay $900 for a first offense and $1,800 for a second! 

You can fight back!  Over the last 15 years, we have built an extensive knowledge base to successfully challenge your alcohol testing. No attornies have more experience then we do regarding drunk driving matters. You can pay more - but you canít get better service or results.

Don't want to miss a day of work?  I can do your arraignment by mail or fax for most District Courts. Initial retainers (I accept VISA/Mastercard) are as low as:

$450 for the first offense;
$500 for the second;
Felony drunk driving requires a retainer of $1,800.
I can file motions to exclude evidence when appropriate, or hire experts to successfully challenge the Datamaster machine, PBT or video used in your arrest.  Call for all the details.

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