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In a long-term marriage you generally split everything - including equity in the house, pensions, 401(k)ís and debts. Is there a large difference between you and your spousesí income?  If so, the Judge will probably award payment of some COBRA health benefits (worth up to +$18,000) and alimony! Maybe even the attorney fees.
With that kind of money at stake it would be foolish to hire the cheapest attorney that you can find, or worse - use a divorce kit!  "Penny wise - Pound foolish"  still applies!

There is such a great variation in what is possible - it is extremely important that you call and get an individualized answer to your situation. We have seen a million different solutions. It is likely that I have seen yours.

Unlike some other well-known law firms, we never try to exaggerate the differences between the parties, or fight every attempt at compromise.  We confident that we know what is right.  If we can't come to a reasonable agreement then we usually suggest binding arbitration. Therefore, only one out-of-a-thousand cases go to trial.

Divorce without children starts from only $450.00 down. Divorce with children starts from only $600.00 down.
Slight additional charges if real property, pension or spousal support is involved - or if an immediate hearing is necessary.

Arbitration is extra
the filing fee for a divorce with children is $230
the filing fee for a divorce without children is $150
The Friend of the Court may charge as much as as $1,500 for an investigation to recommend child custody.

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Michigan has no-fault divorce.  You don't need a reason such as abandonment, etc. to get a divorce.  You know when its over.  Is it?  If the answer is yes - call us  If the answer is maybe - please consider marriage counseling.  Truly, the "grass is not greener on the other side."  Fortunately, we have reasonable rates and we accept credit cards!
In a short-term marriage you generally walk out with what you walked in with and half the appreciation of all marital assests.